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Cafés and Bakeries

Cafes and Bakeries of Lake Como: A Delicious Journey

Lake Como is a beautiful destination in Italy, known for its deep blue waters and stunning scenery. The area is also famous for its delicious cuisine, including its cafes and bakeries.

Sweet Temptations: Bakeries Worth Visiting

If you have a sweet tooth and you're a coffee lover, you're in for a treat. Here are some of the top bakeries around Lake Como where you can satisfy your cravings for sweet temptations:

Pasticceria Cassera Moretti

Location: Como
Descritpion: known for its mouthwatering pastries and cakes, Pasticceria Cassera Moretti in Como has been serving delightful treats for generations. Don't miss their traditional Italian sweets.

Bar Pasticceria Tremezzina

Location: Tremezzo
Description: this charming café in Tremezzo is a local gem. Their pastries, including cannoli and tiramisu, are heavenly. Pair them with a cup of espresso for the ultimate Italian experience.

Pasticceria Sancassani

Location: Bellagio
Description: located in the heart of Bellagio, Pasticceria Sancassani is celebrated for its artisanal gelato and an array of pastries that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Pasticceria Dolciamo

Location: Menaggio
Description: Pasticceria Dolciamo in Menaggio offers a delightful selection of cakes, biscuits, and pastries. It's a perfect place to grab a sweet snack while exploring the town.

Pasticceria Poletti

Location: Varenna
Description: situated in picturesque Varenna, Pasticceria Poletti entices visitors with its mouthwatering cakes and delightful chocolates. The aroma alone will draw you in.

Hidden Gems: Insider Tips

  • Try the local specialty: don't miss the chance to savor "miascia," a traditional Lake Como cake made from bread, sugar, and nuts. You can find it in various cafes and bakeries around the lake.

  • Breakfast like an Italian: embrace the Italian way of life by having a cappuccino and a cornetto (Italian croissant) for breakfast.

  • Explore smaller towns: while the larger towns like Como and Bellagio have their fair share of cafes and bakeries, the smaller villages often hide gems waiting to be discovered.

Lake Como's cafes and bakeries are more than just places to eat and drink; they are experiences in themselves. So, whether you're sipping an espresso while watching the sunrise or indulging in creamy gelato on a sunny afternoon, you're in for a treat. Buon appetito!


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