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The Mysteries of the Lariosaurus: Lake Como's Enigmatic Enchantment

Amidst the magnificent mountains and crystalline waters, tales of an ancient aquatic enigma have long woven a tapestry of intrigue. Just as Scotland boasts the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, Lake Como unveils its own captivating mystery—the Lariosaurus.

A Creature of Legends

Lake Como Monster: 3D rendering of a swimming dinosaurThe Lariosaurus, also known as the Lake Como Monster, is a legendary marine creature whose history traces back to a bygone era. This aquatic reptile once graced the waters of present-day Europe over an astounding 235 million years ago.

Although it now stands as an extinct species, its enigmatic legacy endures as a testament to the captivating mystique of Lake Como.

An Archeological Discovery

fossilized lizard positioned on a rockThe first traces of this remarkable creature emerged in 1830, igniting the flames of curiosity and intrigue among both locals and travelers. Unearthed in the picturesque town of Perledo, nestled on the Lecco side of Lake Como, these discoveries marked the dawn of a fascinating journey into the past.

The Legends and Stories

Underwater cave bathed in sunlight, offering a glimpse into the mesmerizing allure of this submerged cavernSince its initial discovery, the Lariosaurus has sparked a plethora of riveting legends and stories, leaving an indelible impression on the imaginations of those who venture to explore Lake Como's depths.

The myths surrounding this ancient creature are further fueled by the presence of numerous underwater caves that weave a labyrinth beneath the lake's surface. The mysteries of these caves and the lake's remarkable depth, plunging to an astonishing 410 meters, have only added to the mystique.

Today, while the Lariosaurus may have vanished into the annals of history, its legacy remains a living enchantment of Lake Como.

Exploring the Legends

A dinosaur, known as Lariosaurus, gracefully swimming in the vast oceanFor those with a penchant for tales of the enigmatic, Lake Como offers an experience like no other. As you embark on your journey to discover the legends of the Lariosaurus, you'll find yourself enveloped by the magic and mystique that grace the shores of Lake Como.

An Ongoing Enigma

The Lariosaurus may have vanished from the physical realm, but its memory lingers as an enduring enigma—a testament to the enchanting depths of Lake Como, where history and mythology dance on the waters' surface.

As you traverse the wonders of this destination, be prepared to embrace the captivating mysteries that await beneath the tranquil waters, just as countless explorers have done for centuries.


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