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Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello - a timeless jewel on Lake Como

Resting along the western shoreline of Lake Como, Villa del Balbianello stands as a testament to the region's timeless beauty and historical significance.

This enchanting villa has captured the hearts of visitors for generations, offering a rich tapestry of history, art, and natural splendor. Join us on a journey to discover the allure of Villa del Balbianello.

A Historical Gem

Villa del Balbianello, a majestic building on a mountain, viewed from the lakeVilla del Balbianello's story begins in the 18th century when Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini transformed a Franciscan monastery into a luxurious lakeside residence. Over the years, it has hosted writers, artists, and aristocrats, each contributing to its rich history.

Immaculate Gardens

A magnificent house with a vast lawn and a towering tree is captured in the image, surrounded by the stunning gardens of Villa del BalbianelloOne of the villa's most captivating features is its impeccably manicured gardens. The terraced layout, adorned with vibrant flowers and centuries-old trees, creates a tranquil environment that's perfect for leisurely strolls and quiet contemplation.

A Cinematic Star

the James Bond movie scene with a lake and castle, featuring Villa del Balbianello as a cinematic starVilla del Balbianello has made its mark in the world of cinema. It served as a backdrop for several iconic movies, including the James Bond film "Casino Royale." Visitors can retrace the steps of their favorite film characters during their visit.

Unrivaled Views

A picturesque scene captured from the balcony of Villa del Balbianello, showcasing the breathtaking lakePerched on a promontory, the villa offers panoramic views of Lake Como that are simply breathtaking.

Whether you're gazing at the serene waters or the surrounding Alpine peaks, the vistas from Villa del Balbianello are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Exquisite Interiors

An elegant room with a couch, a table, and a chandelier, located at Villa del BalbianelloInside the villa, you'll find a treasure trove of art and antiques collected by its various owners. Lavish rooms, adorned with frescoes and period furnishings, provide a glimpse into the villa's opulent past.

Guided Tours

A woman gracefully leans from beautiful flowery balcony of Villa del Balbianello gazing out over the serene lake in a beautiful warm light.Visitors can explore Villa del Balbianello through guided tours that provide insights into its history, architecture, and the fascinating stories of those who once lived here.

Villa del Balbianello Tours

Weddings and Events

Bride and groom at Villa del Balbianello kissing with a beautiful Como Lake viewThe villa's enchanting setting has made it a sought-after venue for weddings and special events. Its romantic ambiance and stunning surroundings create unforgettable memories.

Picture this: a bride and groom, the epitome of love, standing under the azure Italian sky, with the grandeur of Villa del Balbianello as their witness. They exchange vows, seal their promises with a kiss, and in that moment, time stands still. The beauty of Lake Como stretches out before them, its serene waters reflecting the promise of a lifetime together.

Experiences and Tours

Practical Information for Your Villa del Balbianello Visit

  • Opening hours: Villa tours are available seasonally, so it's best to check the official website for current hours and ticket information.
  • Accessibility: the villa is accessible by both boat and foot, with scenic walking paths leading to the entrance.
  • Guided tours: guided tours are highly recommended to fully appreciate the villa's history and significance.
  • Photography: visitors are encouraged to capture the villa's beauty, but commercial photography and the use of tripods may require special permission.
  • Address: Via Guido Delmati, 22016 Monzino CO
  • Official website:


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