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Unlocking the Secrets of Vezio Castle: Where History Meets the Sky

Well, hello there, fellow explorer! Are you ready for a medieval adventure high above Lake Como? Let's talk about Vezio Castle, the place where history and panoramic views do a joyful dance.

What's the Deal with This Castle?

You might wonder why a castle exists atop a hill overlooking the lake. Great question! Vezio Castle has been perched here since the 11th century, like a wise old guardian watching over the quaint town of Varenna. It's not just a castle; it's a time capsule waiting to be explored.

A Stairway to Medieval Heaven

As you make your way up to the castle, you'll encounter a seemingly endless flight of stairs. Don't worry; it's not a stairway to heaven (well, maybe a little). The climb might make your calves burn a bit, but the view awaiting you is worth every step.

The Raptor Show

Ever heard of falconry? Well, Vezio Castle takes it to the next level. They have a raptor center where majestic birds of prey swoop and soar. It's like having a front-row seat to a real-life fantasy novel. The falcons and hawks here are basically the rockstars of the bird world.

The Resident Ghost

Hold on to your hats, ghost enthusiasts! Vezio Castle has its very own resident ghost, known as The Bride. Legend has it that she waits here, eternally hopeful for her long-lost love. Spooky, right? Keep an eye out; you might just spot her.

Picnic with a View

Speaking of love, how about a romantic picnic? The castle's hillside gardens are perfect for it. Imagine sitting there, munching on Italian delicacies, and gazing out at the stunning lake views. It's amore, my friend.

Experiences and Tours

Practical Tips for Castle Conquerors

  • Timing is key: check the opening hours beforehand; you don't want to miss out.
  • Wear sensible shoes: you'll be doing some walking and stair-climbing, so leave those fancy, but uncomfortable, shoes at home.
  • Ghost watch: if you're into ghost stories, bring your ghost-hunting equipment – or at least a vivid imagination.
  • Address: Via al castello, snc, 23828 Perledo LC, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 333 4485975
  • Official website:


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