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Charms of Lenno: lakeside tranquility and cultural treasures

Situated on the western branch of Lake Como, 27 km north of Como, Lenno enjoys an idyllic location along the Tremezzina coast.

Wrapped in lush vegetation and embraced by serene waters, this town offers a peaceful respite, perfect for day trips or extended stays.

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A Villa of Grandeur and Cinema Fame

Lenno's highlight is the magnificent Villa del Balbianello, a lakefront gem renowned for its gardens and its role as a cinematic backdrop.

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It gained fame as the setting for a memorable scene in Star Wars: episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002), chosen by George Lucas himself.

Picturesque Promenades and Historical Gems

Lenno's charming promenade follows a scenic inlet, treating visitors to sweeping vistas from Punta Balbianello to Bellagio.

Ideal for leisurely walks, coffee breaks, or lakeside dining, it leads to Piazza XI Febbraio, home to a historic church, a Romanesque baptistery from the 11th century, and a poignant war memorial.

Legacy of Valor and Serene Retreats

Honored for local bravery during wartime, Lenno bears testament to its resilience during partisan warfare and World War II.

Heading south along the Gulf of Venere reveals a serene shingle beach, inviting relaxation and summer swims in the refreshing lake waters.

Adjacent lies the entrance to the scenic park leading to Villa del Balbianello, reachable by boat or foot.

Diverse Activities and Close-Up Experiences

Lenno offers an array of activities, from tours and water excursions to cultural and wildlife experiences. Engage in private tours, water tours, and walking explorations, or embark on luxury air tours and culinary adventures.

Delve deeper into Lenno's charm with private tours and boat journeys. Options include private boat tours and exclusive visits to Lake Como highlights, allowing you to savor the essence of Lenno.

Lenno's Allure and Endless Possibilities

Lenno beckons as a captivating destination, promising a wealth of experiences. Whether seeking outdoor thrills or serene lakeside tranquility, Lenno caters to diverse desires.

The villages's strategic location at the intersection of the lake and the mountains offers a world of possibilities.

Hike the scenic trails that lead to the rugged peaks, revealing panoramic views that will leave you breathless. Cycling along the lakeside promenade, you can take in the gentle breeze and the mesmerizing sights that Lake Como offers.

Water sports enthusiasts can dive into the clear waters, paddle under the sun, or explore the depths with snorkeling and diving activities (better in summer time:). 

Experiences and Tours

Practical Information for Your Lenno Adventure

  • Promenade: Lenno’s promenade coasts a marvelous inlet, offering beautiful panoramic views from Punta Balbianello to Bellagio. It’s perfect for a walk, a coffee break, or a meal in one of the restaurants facing the lake.
  • Beach: continuing southwards along the Gulf of Venere, you will access a small shingles beach where you can relax and take a sunbath and, in summer, have a swim in the fresh waters of the lake.


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